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The FOREIGN EXCHANGE markets transact approximately $4.7 trillion (USD) daily. It is the biggest market by far. Forex is the trading of currencies of different countries through financial markets. By becoming a forex trader you can have a piece of the action of these highly lucrative and exciting markets.



At Platinum Forex Group we are committed to training individuals to be independent forex traders. In no time at all you will have the skills to have a fantastic trading business.



When it comes to currencies, custom indicators, bearish/bullish, positive and negative divergence it is hard to know what to do and when to do it. This is why we have developed services that will suit the individual and their specific needs. Whether you want to learn and develop the skill of trading forex or want to make money without the hassle of long hours spent to understand the technical ins and outs of forex, the choice is yours.



One of the main aspects of our team is providing you the support that you need when trading. We have over the past years forged business and trading relationships with global leaders in the Forex World in order to provide this support.


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    Platinum Forex Group is a dynamic company which develops and trains individuals to understand and trade forex without having to figure out all of what forex is, by themselves.

    Your Advancement

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    We have always taken a hands on approach which catapulted the company over the years to see good success for our clients

    Our Approach

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    Our relationship with our preferred brokers has been developed over the past couple of years and we recommend Easy Forex as our preferred broker.

    Preferred Broker

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    The difference between Platinum Forex Group and any other company marketing Forex is that we have a close relationship with our clients. We support our clients all the way through their training and provide them with complete Forex knowledge so that they can begin their trading careers.

    Client Relationship


"Enter trade positions and control your own trade account"

Platinum Forex Group is a trading company that trades for itself. Platinum Forex Group also provides training to all its clients, teaching them how to trade. All our trading is done with our preferred Forex Broker Easy Forex. When trading with Platinum Forex Group all you have to do is register with our preferred broker and have full control of your own trade account. Platinum Forex Group provides you with all the assistance you need to get started. Please contact us via telephone or email before opening your account with Easy-Forex so that we may advise you accordingly.

Benefits and features:

► Manage your own trading account.

► Determine your own income.

► Do withdrawals from you trade account, when you want to.

► Free trading software and training.

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Stay on top of what is happening on the global economic calendar below to know when and how to trade on the Forex Market.

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Risk Warning: Please note that Forex trading (OTC Trading) involves substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable for everyone


This is what our clients have to say about Platinum Forex Group.


" Little did I know that the world of Forex, would change my life. Thanks to PFG who provided me with hands-on training, forex was easier for me to interpret and understand. Friendly, highly professional and very supportive staff at PFG, are only a phone call away to assist with problems. The Easy-Forex Trade Account is perfectly suitable for the individual who would like to be in control of his/her own finance. With proper training and guidance from PFG, you will be in a position to trade live and determine your own income. Forex Trading offers huge financial opportunities for any individual. Forex changed my life so much that I can spend more time with my family, myself and doing the things that I love. No more long working hours, shifts, working over weekends or holidays and fighting with the boss for an salary increase. I am now in a position to retire at the age of 45 years. How’s that ! With just a laptop and connection to the internet, you can trade in the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere in the world. PFG also taught me more than forex, I have a better understanding of personal financial management and discipline in many areas of my life. During my walk with PFG myself and the staff build a close relationship.The potential and opportunities in forex are endless. Forex changed my life and can change yours. Give PFG a call today."

Rowan Gie (Cape Town)


"I've been very impressed with the professionalism of the company, Their Forex training is one on one and I learnt alot about the Forex Markets"

Tamara Marais




Contact Details:

icon 12nd Floor, North Block, Fairway Square, Fairway Close,Parow in Cape Town, South Africa. icon 2Email (General): info@platinumforexgroup.neticon 2Email (Accounts): accounts@platinumforexgroup.neticon 2Tel: +27 21 595 4144

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If you would like to open a Forex Trading Account, please use the one of the two icons below. For clients in South Africa, please click on the ACM-GOLD icon , For International clients, please click the EASY-FOREX icon.


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